Roux Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Restaurant Roux

Location: Fremont

After-Taste: “Hi, my name is Mo, and I’m an Eggs-Benedict-Aholic.” My friends decided to grab brunch this morning and I will never turn down an opportunity to try a new version of Eggs Benedict. This restaurant has been buzzed about in Seattle because it was created by Matt Lewis who had a very popular food truck called Where Ya At Matt? He’s known for his French Creole cooking and the buzz is well-deserved. The restaurant itself has an exciting energy to it – lots of dark wood and fresh flowers at each table. You know a restaurant is going to be good when you get served a picture of cucumber water right away. It definitely had a trendy vibe and there were some interesting drinks that I’d like to try on the menu. The Eggs Benedict came and I immediately started smiling. The eggs were perfectly poached and I liked their simple approach to the hollandaise sauce. The true test of a good Eggs Benedict is the ham – this ham was thick and piled on. No thin-sliced deli meat here! This Eggs Benny was unique in that it didn’t include an english muffin. Instead, the eggs were served atop corn bread patties. I was a little hesitant, but after my first bite, I devoured it. It was a refreshing change to a classic recipe, and it fit the Creole theme of the restaurant. The potatoes were equally delicious. Needless to say, I didn’t leave a drop of food on my plate.

Link: Restaurant Roux


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