Pudding Shotz Your Heart Out

Pudding Shots

Recipe: Pudding Shotz

Location: Your Kitchen

After-Taste: Screw jello shots – it’s all about pudding shotz now!! (requirement to be spelled with a z. It’s a thing.) They are the perfect addition to any tailgate or party! I attended the Seahawk playoff game (GO HAWKS!) and I had to bring something to all the tailgates I was going to hit up. There are a couple of bars I know that serve pudding shotz and I’ve always loved them (Leny’s and Kate’s Pub) so I decided to make them in my own kitchen. It requires: pudding mix, whipped cream, milk, and alcohol. Yup, it’s that simple. I decided to go with pistachio and I even chopped up some pistachio nuts to put on top of each shot…you know, to class it up a bit. I made about 50 and they were SO perfect for the tailgates! Seahawk tailgates are the best and I was on cloud 9 the entire morning. My friends were super excited to try the shotz and they were definitely satisfied. Not only are they tasty, but they have just the right amount of alcohol to loosen you up. There were so many people downtown so I was worried about how I was going to go to the bathroom – the closest one was in Krispy Kreme and they required a passcode to use it, plus there was a super long line. Welp, pudding shotz to the rescue! There was an RV next to our tailgate, so I offered a few shotz to them in order to use their restroom and they happily offered it up. Ahhh, I love Seahawk fans. They liked them so much that they kept coming back to get more. WIN! They’re a great bartering tool. :) So forget your diet that you’re on, and make some pudding shotz for your next get-together. They’re a unique party favor that are impossible to not like!

Link: Pudding Shot Recipe


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