Voodoo Your Heart Out

Voo Doo

Donut Shop: Voodoo Doughnut

Location: Portland, OR

After-Taste: A trip to Portland is not complete unless you get a donut (doughnut?) from Voodoo! I’ve heard many people say that it’s the “cliche thing to do.” But you know what? If a donut is called “Old Dirty Bastard” and satisfies my sugary dough fantasies – I don’t really care if it’s cliche or not. Portland is known as a Hipster Haven, and Voodoo fits right into that mold. [inner monologue: “We’re hipster…we don’t have a mold.”] Ok, sorry, off on a tangent. I came to Portland to visit my bestie and everything for the weekend was kind of up in the air. I just knew that one thing I had to do was visit Voodoo. I actually have more of a ‘salt tooth’ than a ‘sweet tooth’ but Voodoo is just so unique and quirky that I really like visiting it. Please note: Cash Only! There are so many fun donuts, it was next to impossible to choose! They have donuts with fruit loops on them, gay donuts, penis donuts (we’re talking Portland, people!), even donuts with bubble gum on top. You can go with the popular bacon maple bar, go classy with the lemon chiffon donut, or go on a little adventure and try the Old Dirty Bastard like I did (chocolate frosting, oreos, and peanut butter). This is normally cardinal sin in my world, but I couldn’t finish it. My taste buds were so satisfied after a few bites, I had to share the rest (Me sharing food?! Whoa.). So you could technically look at it as two meals in one! Wahoo! I had a little chuckle when I paid for my donut and got my change back – I got $3 in dollar coins. Of course. Portland isn’t hipster at all. ;-)

p.s. I think it is officially ‘doughnut’ and not ‘donut.’ Spell check is telling me so. Hmm, you learn something new every day! …..but I’m keeping it as ‘donut’ in this post. I like to bend the rules a little bit, just like I prefer to get my dollars back in coins…

Link: Voodoo Doughnuts


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