Al Fresca Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Beaches

Location: Vancouver, WA Waterfront

After-Taste: My closest friends and family know that one of the things I love most is color. I know, kind of weird. But it’s true! I’ve always loved rainbows, anything multi-colored, especially bright neons – you should see my closet! Well, the amazing dish I had at Beaches was not only a feast for my taste-buds, but also appetizing for my eyes! The restaurant itself is very fun and festive. The interior is painted with fun beach murals and has a lot of wood decor – it certainly helped that it was a beautiful, sunny day! The dish I ordered was the Al Fresca Pasta and it is pasta with tomato, red onion, shiitake mushrooms, lemon garlic butter (yum!), white wine and balsamic. So pretty much it was a pasta with my favorite ingredients! It was so tasty and the balsamic wasn’t overpowering – every time I got a bite with balsamic I would have a smile on my face. This lunch was the end of my vacation down to visit my best friend Shayna, so after we ate, we decided to take a little stroll along the water. Had to work off that pasta somehow! I love that Beaches has spectacular views of the Columbia River, and I also love that it’s right next to the long, meandering path along the beach. Definitely made me look forward to the Spring!!

Link: Beaches Restaurant


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