Rejoice Your Heart Out

Super Bowl champs

Event: Super Bowl XLVIII

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-DOMINATION: We did it!!! SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE SUPER BOWL XLVIII CHAMPS!!! What an amazing day!!! The game was spectacular, our Super Bowl party was a total blast, and the celebration was UNFORGETTABLE!!! I am on cloud 9 right now!!! What an amazing experience for our city! We had a ton of friends get together at a friend’s house and we had a ton of food, snacks, beer, cake pops – it was like Heaven. After the game we couldn’t NOT go out and celebrate, so we decided to hit up a bar nearby and it was so hilarious! The moment we walked into the bar, everyone just started shouting – the win just made us all so happy that you could just shout “Go Hawks” and everyone around you would start whooping and hollering. The bar was packed with happy Hawks – but some of us wanted to get even more involved. A few of us decided to head downtown to be in the thick of it. This is the first time we’ve ever won a Super Bowl, and we are here, in Seattle – essentially, we are a part of history, so we had to live it up the best way we could! So we drove downtown and along I-5, the most inconvenient thing happened. My tire blew out!!! It was pretty terrifying considering my car started shaking and smelling of burnt rubber. Luckily, I was able to exit and pull over. Even more lucky, I had two guy friends with me who put on my spare tire within 10 minutes. My heros! (Thanks, Dan and Jared!!) Honestly, this was the best time for me to get a flat tire (I mean, I’d rather never have one), but everyone was in such a good mood that we laughed it off and didn’t worry about it for a second! We made it downtown, walked to Pike Place Market, and it was absolutely surreal. There was an unofficial parade with cars honking their horns, people piling on top of them, screaming, drinking in the middle of the street. It. Was. AWESOME! We met up with some friends and just soaked it all in. This was truly one of the best days and nights Seattle has ever experienced. GO HAWKS!!!


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