Broomball Your Heart Out


Sport: Broomball

Location: Highland Ice Arena

After-Skate: What is broomball, you ask?? Welp, it’s basically hockey but on sneakers and uses brooms and a bouncy ball. My friend Hanny wanted to get a group together for his birthday, so we headed up to Highland Ice Arena and had the private ice rink reserved. I have to be honest and say it was difficult to see the little kids get kicked out of the rink so our time can begin. But then I realized that when we went onto the ice without skates and all carrying brooms, they were wildly amused and watched us the entire time. If I were a kid, I’d love to see a bunch of adults acting like idiots! If you agree to do broomball, know this: you WILL fall. It’s inevitable. Some people fell many times, others did not. But there wasn’t one person who stayed upright the entire time. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a bruise on my knee for weeks due to the fall that I had [worth it!]. Also know: bring a sturdy broom and duct tape. If you want to look like an official broomball badass, you’ve gotta tape up your broom the correct way (even though all of the duct tape will fall off by the end of the game). I was nervous about how I was going to run on the ice in my shoes – but it was easier than I was expecting! I mean, it wasn’t easy, but I could actually semi-run without any problems. It was quite a workout and we all had grins from ear to ear when our time was up (fine kids, take the rink back…grrrrrr). Cross your fingers I don’t find any crazy bruises on my body!

Link: Highland Ice Arena


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