Exhibit Your Heart Out

Food exhibit

Event: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

Location: Pacific Science Center

After-Exhibit: Best. Lunch break. Ever. I have been dying to see this exhibit, so I decided on this sunny day to take a stroll over to the Science Center and finally check it out. I rarely do things like this by myself – but I actually very much enjoyed being alone and strolling through the exhibit. It showcases blown up images of food. My kind of exhibit. It reminded me a bit of the food exhibit I saw while in New York last year, except this was just raw images of food, nothing else. I saw close up shots of steak, blueberries, steamed cabbage, sandwiches, burgers, ice cream, the whole gamut! I was in Foodie Heaven! They also included props which consisted of kitchen appliances cut in half. It was amazing seeing all of the gears that go into blenders, ovens, and grills. They had a television that I watched for about 10 minutes because all they were showing were slo-mo videos. Cream being poured into coffee, jello bouncing on a counter, an egg being crushed. Mesmerizing. The exhibit was a lot larger than I was expecting – they had separate rooms for different classes of food. Fruit, vegetables, junk food, meat. Mmmmm, I loved the pictures of all the different meats. I walked out of the exhibit a happy (and hungry) girl!

Link: Modernist Cuisine


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