Cinebarre Your Heart Out


Theater: Cinebarre

Location: Mountlake Terrace

After-Taste: The best way to watch a movie is with a beer and dinner served in front of you. Cinebarre is a great place to go see a movie if you don’t want to be surrounded by loud children. And seeing as we were going to The Lego Movie – going to a 21+ theater is key. Tyler and his roommate Corey and I went to see Lego Movie and I just have to say: it may be one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen! So creative, aesthetically pleasing, surprisingly hilarious, and over-all a feel-good movie. I highly recommend it – the story line was captivating as well! I had a smile on my face the entire time. :) And I promise it wasn’t because of the beer! Yeah, having a beer to drink while you’re watching a movie was definitely nice. The food is…..decent. But it’s worth the money since the experience is so fun. The menu is full of creative cinema names. (I got the chicken fingers = Goldfingers.) Chicken club burger = Fight Club. Italian Pizza = Italian Job. Very punny! Plus, Cinebarre just got their liquor license so now they have a full bar and aren’t limited to beer and wine. Movie + food + alcohol + no kids (don’t get me wrong, I love kids!) = fantastic movie-going experience!

Link: Cinebarre

Pudding Shotz Your Heart Out

Pudding Shots

Recipe: Pudding Shotz

Location: Your Kitchen

After-Taste: Screw jello shots – it’s all about pudding shotz now!! (requirement to be spelled with a z. It’s a thing.) They are the perfect addition to any tailgate or party! I attended the Seahawk playoff game (GO HAWKS!) and I had to bring something to all the tailgates I was going to hit up. There are a couple of bars I know that serve pudding shotz and I’ve always loved them (Leny’s and Kate’s Pub) so I decided to make them in my own kitchen. It requires: pudding mix, whipped cream, milk, and alcohol. Yup, it’s that simple. I decided to go with pistachio and I even chopped up some pistachio nuts to put on top of each shot…you know, to class it up a bit. I made about 50 and they were SO perfect for the tailgates! Seahawk tailgates are the best and I was on cloud 9 the entire morning. My friends were super excited to try the shotz and they were definitely satisfied. Not only are they tasty, but they have just the right amount of alcohol to loosen you up. There were so many people downtown so I was worried about how I was going to go to the bathroom – the closest one was in Krispy Kreme and they required a passcode to use it, plus there was a super long line. Welp, pudding shotz to the rescue! There was an RV next to our tailgate, so I offered a few shotz to them in order to use their restroom and they happily offered it up. Ahhh, I love Seahawk fans. They liked them so much that they kept coming back to get more. WIN! They’re a great bartering tool. :) So forget your diet that you’re on, and make some pudding shotz for your next get-together. They’re a unique party favor that are impossible to not like!

Link: Pudding Shot Recipe

Prost Your Heart Out


Venue: Munchen Haus

Location: Leavenworth, WA

After-Taste: It’s that time of year again!! It’s the Silbaugh/Morrison Annual Trip to Leavenworth! This is the second year that my friends and I make the trek over to Spokane for Christmas break….instead of driving 4-5 hours on I-90, we decided it would be a lot more fun to take a night-long detour and stay in Leavenworth for some shenanigans! We decided to stay at the Sleeping Lady Resort again this year because it honestly is one of the best resorts in Washington. There wasn’t as much snow this year, so the sled hill was pretty much mud. Did that stop us from sledding? Absolutely not. This year I came prepared by bringing a couple cheap sleds and it was so much fun riding down close to 20 times. The good thing about sledding in mud? No lines!! We also did a bunch of wine-tasting and got a little sauced up. Can’t go a year without Gluhwein [glue-vine] – “Christmas in a Glass”! Before we went to the resort for the amazing buffet dinner, we had to make a stop at the Munchen Haus (for a hot dog appetizer, duh). When I think of Leavenworth, I think of the Hat Shop and the Munchen Haus. It’s a staple in Leavenworth, and that’s made obvious by the wait to get a seat. It’s worth the wait!! The brats are out of this world. The best part (in my honest opinion) is the MUSTARD BAR. They have a display of about 20 different mustards and it was my own sort of Heaven. I looked over at the man trying to pick out his mustard and I may have had a tear in my eye, and I said, “This is overwhelming, I want them all.” He gave me a pat on the back and said, “We can do it.” It was a special  moment. I decided to go with the Garlic and Onion Mustard and it was a great decision. We posted up at a Bavarian-style wooden table by the fireplace. There is nothing better than eating a brat with sauerkraut, grilled onions, mustard, and a nice cold beer….the people I was chowing down with were pretty awesome too. ;-) Can I just teleport there now?? If you pass through Leavenworth, pretty please promise me that you’ll get a brat at Munchen Haus! You’ll be one of the lucky ones!!

Link: Munchen Haus

Tour Your Heart Out

Wine Weekend 2

Event: Saint Nick’s Wine Weekend

Location: Woodinville, WA

After-Tastings: And year two commences – yeeeeeee-haw!! I could not wait to participate in another Woodinville Wine Weekend!! Last year’s event was one for the record books and I knew that this year was going to be just as fun. Same crazy people, same bus (which meant same ‘vertical safety bar’), same wineries, and new batch of jello shots. Let’s gooooo! The whole group got together in Redmond and we all got equipped with our red-wine tinted glasses. This year, unfortunately, funding was way down, so that meant not as much cheese and meatballs. We didn’t know this until one of the last wineries gave us the low-down, so each winery I kept saying to myself, “There will hopefully be cheese at the next stop!” This hope is what got me through – if I had found out that there wouldn’t be any cheese, I may have not joined. That’s a lie, I totally would have…but I would have come fully stocked with my own cheese to satisfy my needs. My needs are simple, really. Cheese. That’s it! Anyway, I digress. This year we managed to hit up way more wineries (I believe we visited about 22 in the two days)…but that’s probably because they didn’t have food to keep us there. It’s so fun racing other people – there was another group that was decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters. We didn’t like them so we avoided them. The only reason we didn’t like them is because they looked like a lot of fun and we were in a competition for being more fun. Can’t hang out with the fun enemies! The two-day event was a huge success (our bus didn’t run out of gas this year!) and we went home having tried what felt like hundreds of wines! It’s amazing how much we speak with wine makers, going through the lessons and tastings, yet I still couldn’t tell you the difference between a Cabernet and a Pinot. Wine = wine = wine. Red or White. Delicious no matter how cheap or expensive. Can’t wait for year three!! Next time I’m bringing some cheese. I may or may not share.

Link: Saint Nick Wine Weekend

Devour Your Heart Out

Portage Bay

Restaurant: Portage Bay Cafe

Location: South Lake Union (they have multiple locations)

After-Taste: Happy Election Day!! I nominate YOU to head to Portage Bay for your next lunch! I’ve worked with Portage Bay catering many times for various events and they are top-notch. Everything they serve is fresh, local, and seasonal. I love me a Big Mac, but if you want food that tastes good and is good for you, Portage Bay masters this. C’mon, their slogan is, “Eat Like You Give a Damn!” They have a great location in South Lake Union that is open and spacious, always has a table, and is buzzing with Amazon employees. I usually get the Reuben because you can’t ever go wrong with a Reuben sandwich. Today, I switched it up and tried this masterpiece of a sandwich. The Pork Sandwich. Does anything else really need to be said? Just look at that picture for about 10 seconds. Drooling yet? Be prepared to use your napkin, and if you finish the whole thing, I applaud you. Portage Bay is known for their breakfast/brunch, however. Please put a visit on your calendar! What’s so popular about the breakfast is the “Toppings Bar.” It’s a table FULL of fresh, seasonal fruit and various toppings for your waffles, pancakes, etc. I always admire the giant bowl of hand-whipped cream when I walk in. Best part is breakfast is served all day – so want some pancakes at 2 pm? This is your go-to spot! Enjoy! And since it’s election day, I feel I must say, “I’m Mo, and I approve this message.”

Link: Portage Bay Cafe

Dine Around Seattle Your Heart Out


Restaurants: Ponti, Cicchetti, Cutters, Chan, Steelhead, and Local 360

Locations: All Over Seattle!

After-Tastes: October 29th, 2014 can officially be called: “Mo’s Perfect Day.” First of all, the day started out with a meeting at work ‘catered’ by McDonald’s. People either love or hate McDonald’s – I happen to be obsessed. I’m not ashamed. Then Halloween donuts were delivered. And THEN I was asked the best question on the planet: “Mo, would you like to be a part of the media tour on the Hale’s Ales Bus for Dine Around Seattle where you try several restaurant meals for free?” IS THIS REAL LIFE??? DUH!! Get me on that bus right now! I asked my friends Bri and Kris to join me and they were stoked to be a part of it. Who wouldn’t be?!

First of all – this was our whip for the evening:

DAS Bus2

It was a kick-ass double-decker bus with a bar on it. Ummmmm, this is going to be a good night. Dine Around Seattle is a program that occurs a couple times a year that local restaurants can participate in where they offer 3 courses for around $30. The world is being overcome by franchises (hey, I love me some franchise restaurants every now and then…), but this is a great opportunity to get a wonderful meal at a discounted price – all while supporting our local restaurants!

The Dine Around Seattle tour began at Ponti:
Must try: Pear Martini

DAS Ponti


Beer Break!!!

DAS En Route
Next stop was Cicchetti:
Must try: Go upstairs and watch the sunset from the window table – perfect view!

DAS Chicchetti


After eating a delicious salad, we headed to Cutters Crabhouse:
Must try: Stuffed Prawns

DAS Cutters


From Cutter’s we walked over to Chan. This was probably my favorite stop.
Must try: Spicy pork sliders (delish!!) and you HAVE to order this drink –  Ginger Makgeoli. This drink consists of korean rice wine, ginger, lime, and orange liquor. It is SO good and so refreshing. You probably can’t find it anywhere else in Seattle.

DAS Chan


5 lbs heavier and we walked down the street to Steelhead Diner:
Must try: OYSTERS! Steelhead had some of the best oysters I’ve ever had. Plus, the fresh halibut main course wasn’t so bad either. I was a big fan of this stop!

DAS Steelhead


Our last stop included another bus ride and a lot of (happy) groans due to all of the food we had consumed. We ended the night at Local 360 which I fell in love with! It’s super rustic and I definitely got a hipster vibe (so much flannel!), but the private room in the back was decorated so cute. I felt like I was in a cabin surrounded by candles and wood. The best part was the Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee they served. This coffee is good. REAL good. It’s hard to imagine liking cold coffee, but Stumptown knows how to do it. Don’t need to add any sugar or cream – just drink it straight up!

DAS Local 360


And there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. 3 hours, 6 meals at 6 different restaurants, 1 happy girl. My perfect day. Time to go lay down and hope all this food digests!

Link: Dine Around Seattle



Power Hour Your Heart Out

Happy Hour

Party: Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Concert

Location: Nectar Lounge, Fremont

After-Party: A cool chick playing 60 awesome one-minute songs that all require us to drink at the beginning of each song? Ummmm, can you say FUN?! This girl has quite a cult following now and it’s because what she does is so unique. She has written 60 songs and they’re all cleverly about drinking – everyone begins with a few tallboys, a shot glass, and a gut ready to consume A LOT of beer. (If you live under a rock and don’t know what a Power Hour is, it’s a full hour of taking shots of beer every minute. Just YouTube “Power Hour” and you’ll find a ton of different themes…and Power Hours are way harder than you expect, by the way.) It’s amazing how…..happy…you can get after a quick hour! I was wearing my Chipotle burrito costume again, so my spirits were already high…but by about the 12th shot, I was starting to really feel it (I’m a lightweight! Gimme a break!) The show was super energetic and everyone was decked out in their Halloween costumes. It was the definition of Sunday Funday. Ali got the crowd really into it and the worm was even done by my friend Rob. Not an average power hour, that’s for sure! Ali goes on tours around the country playing her Power Hour Concerts, and I really hope she comes back to Seattle! If you can’t wait until she comes back, check out her website and you can purchase her album….or even better, a shot glass fully loaded with all of her songs. Party on!!!

Link: Power Hour