Girl Scout Cookie Your Heart Out

Girl Scout ice cream

Recipe: Girl Scout Cookies + Ice Cream

After-Taste: It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeear! Girl Scout Cookie time!! I’m personally a fan of Samoas and Tagalongs – but you know what makes these cookies taste exponentially better? Adding ice cream! I had this genius idea enter my mind and I went straight to the store to buy Tillamook Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s hard for me to pass the cute girls and say “no” to buying their cookies. I have to, otherwise I will buy every box and become obese. But this one time I went straight to them and demanded a box of Samoas. I had a dessert to consume, people! I went home and chopped each cookie into 8ths and scattered them over my scoops of ice cream. It. Was. BRILLIANT. I don’t know why I’d never thought of that before! Each bite was a perfect blend of creamy vanilla and a crunch of caramel-toasted coconut cookies (drizzled with chocolate). I do not have a sweet tooth usually – give me steamed cabbage over ice cream any day. But this one night, I was so happy my sweet tooth made an appearance. It is a deliciously brilliant dessert – Scout’s Honor.

Link: Girl Scout Cookies

Cinebarre Your Heart Out


Theater: Cinebarre

Location: Mountlake Terrace

After-Taste: The best way to watch a movie is with a beer and dinner served in front of you. Cinebarre is a great place to go see a movie if you don’t want to be surrounded by loud children. And seeing as we were going to The Lego Movie – going to a 21+ theater is key. Tyler and his roommate Corey and I went to see Lego Movie and I just have to say: it may be one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen! So creative, aesthetically pleasing, surprisingly hilarious, and over-all a feel-good movie. I highly recommend it – the story line was captivating as well! I had a smile on my face the entire time. :) And I promise it wasn’t because of the beer! Yeah, having a beer to drink while you’re watching a movie was definitely nice. The food is…..decent. But it’s worth the money since the experience is so fun. The menu is full of creative cinema names. (I got the chicken fingers = Goldfingers.) Chicken club burger = Fight Club. Italian Pizza = Italian Job. Very punny! Plus, Cinebarre just got their liquor license so now they have a full bar and aren’t limited to beer and wine. Movie + food + alcohol + no kids (don’t get me wrong, I love kids!) = fantastic movie-going experience!

Link: Cinebarre

Doner Your Heart Out

Gyro Sandwich

Restaurant: The Berliner Doner Kebab

Location: South Lake Union

After-Taste: The Berliner, I’d like to welcome you to my list: “Mo’s Favorite Sandwiches Ever”. This is a huge deal, you guys. Before I met this sandwich, I only had two sandwiches on my list. Now I have three. Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of sandwiches that I really, really love. But to make my Favorites list, they’ve got to be out of this world. The kind of sandwich where I say, “Oh My God” after every single bite. The kind of sandwich that I tell all of my friends to go immediately try…Hell, I’ll even tell the strangers I walk past on my route back to head straight to the Berliner. My picture doesn’t do it justice, but, it’s huge. Enjoy this delicacy for lunch AND for dinner! I ordered The Berliner with lamb and beef on flatbread. It comes decorated with garlic yogurt sauce, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickled red cabbage, and cilantro. Oh man, the sauce is to die for. And the bread is so fresh and soft. And knowing that you’re only paying a little over $7 for this baby? Happiness to my taste-buds and my wallet! It’s great because you can choose so many different options – meats, breads, sauces, and veggies. The Berliner is a very small place and super popular (rightfully so), so I’d recommend getting a Doner and then post up in Denny Park to enjoy the scenery. I can’t wait to eat this heavenly sandwich again.

Mo’s Favorite Sandwiches:
1. Rajun Cajun – Other Coast Cafe
2. Caribbean Roast – Paseo
3. The Berliner – The Berliner Doner Kebab

Wine and Dine Your Heart Out

Crab Rockefeller

Restaurant: Chandler’s Crabhouse

Location: South Lake Union

After-Taste: Chandler’s Crabhouse is THE place to go for a fun date night on the water! The service is fantastic, the food is equally fantastic, and you can’t beat the view of Lake Union right across your dinner plate. My view of the water (and my dinner date) was pretty unbeatable. I had spent my lunch break at the Pacific Science Center browsing the food exhibit, Photography of Modernist Cuisine, so I was hungry and in the mood for quality food. I demanded that we order the Crab Rockefeller. The only time I’m high-maintenance is when it comes to food…and this appetizer is no joking matter. Shall we look at the lineup of this dish’s components? Dungeness crab legs, creamed spinach, BACON, hollandaise sauce, and lemon juice. There we have it ladies and gentlemen – the world’s perfect appetizer. Now here’s what you need to do – take a roll (they serve rolls complimentary), tear it in half, scoop up a portion of the appetizer and gently lay it on the roll and dig in. Use the bread to soak up any sauce that’s leftover. If you aren’t finished with a happy stomach and a clean plate, I will be severely disappointed. As for the main dish, I went with the filet mignon (how can I not?) and Tyler got the special: swordfish. Bold decision – I like it. The steak was perfectly cooked (medium-rare) and the potatoes were a delicious sidekick. With a place like Chandler’s – you expect an all-around amazing experience. They deliver on this expectation. Now go and get a Crab Rockefeller. It will rock your socks off.

Link: Chandler’s Crabhouse

Exhibit Your Heart Out

Food exhibit

Event: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

Location: Pacific Science Center

After-Exhibit: Best. Lunch break. Ever. I have been dying to see this exhibit, so I decided on this sunny day to take a stroll over to the Science Center and finally check it out. I rarely do things like this by myself – but I actually very much enjoyed being alone and strolling through the exhibit. It showcases blown up images of food. My kind of exhibit. It reminded me a bit of the food exhibit I saw while in New York last year, except this was just raw images of food, nothing else. I saw close up shots of steak, blueberries, steamed cabbage, sandwiches, burgers, ice cream, the whole gamut! I was in Foodie Heaven! They also included props which consisted of kitchen appliances cut in half. It was amazing seeing all of the gears that go into blenders, ovens, and grills. They had a television that I watched for about 10 minutes because all they were showing were slo-mo videos. Cream being poured into coffee, jello bouncing on a counter, an egg being crushed. Mesmerizing. The exhibit was a lot larger than I was expecting – they had separate rooms for different classes of food. Fruit, vegetables, junk food, meat. Mmmmm, I loved the pictures of all the different meats. I walked out of the exhibit a happy (and hungry) girl!

Link: Modernist Cuisine

Bake Your Heart Out


Creation: Apple Pie

Location: My Kitchen

After-Taste: OMG!!!! Hell has officially frozen over!! I made a PIE! And a pie that actually tastes GOOD!! On this Sunday, I had a lot of time to kill, so I got a weird thought in my head to try and make a pie. From scratch. Yes, crust and all. Making the dough was one of the greatest parts of the experience – I was so proud! I used a wine bottle as my rolling pin because I’m classy like that. And I decided I was going to attempt a lattice crust. Holy moly. Shit is getting real. And you know what? Creating the lattice was my favorite part! It was really fun, and a lot easier than I was expecting. The recipe I used told me to pour the sugar and butter liquid over the crust to have it seep through all the apples, but I decided to mix the liquid with the apples beforehand. Take note: if you bake a pie, make sure to put a cookie sheet below the pie in the oven. I made the mistake of not doing this and sugary liquid dripped all over the bottom of my oven that will be very difficult to clean. Oopsies! I’ve said many times I’m not very good in the kitchen and this mistake is a perfect example. But I’m getting better, and that’s all that matters. I’m very proud of my apple pie and I’m so happy that it looks good AND tastes good!

Link: Recipe

Hard Boil Your Heart Out


Recipe: Homemade Mayo & Egg Salad

Location: Your Kitchen

After-Taste: I’m slightly ashamed to admit this….actually, very ashamed. I have never made hard-boiled eggs. Yup. I said it. Can you tell why my New Year’s Resolution is to cook more? It’s because I barely know how to do anything in the kitchen and I really want to feel like a real human being and know how to at least COOK A HARD BOILED EGG. Sheesh, sometimes I think I’m very pathetic. But that motivates me – because you know what? When I peeled those eggs and saw perfectly cooked eggs that I could turn into a salad? I couldn’t have been more excited! Seriously, I am a 26 year old that gets giddy after successfully making eggs. Anyway, you get the idea. Me in the kitchen = a (long) learning process. BUT, get this, not only did I make my first batch of hard-boiled eggs, I also made homemade mayo for my first time! Let the giddiness commence! This process was hilarious – it is a very good test of patience…and tolerance. I used my blender and you have to pour the oil at an extremely slow rate. It’s a great workout for the arm, let me tell you! But once the eggs, oil, and mustard salt turn into a thick mayo – it got me jumping up and down with excitement! It made a huge mess, but I didn’t care. It was all worth it! It’s healthy(er) and delicious! Plus, you can add so many things to it to turn into different dressings/sauces/aioli’s/etc. I used this mayo for my egg salad (eggs, mayo, pickles, green onion, mustard, and paprika) and it was a perfect afternoon snack. Most people can do this kind of recipe in their sleep, but I’m very proud of myself! My brother is a chef so everything I do, I proudly send him a pic to show him that I’m trying. After I sent him the picture of my egg salad, he wrote, “Awesome! Nice bias cut on the green onion.” Ummm, bias cut?? I have no idea what that is, but apparently I did a good job! I responded, “I totally meant to do bias cuts…” :) Let’s see what I can come up with next!!

Link: Homemade Mayo