Celebrate Your Heart Out

Heisman Balloons

Event: Super Bowl Championship Parade

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-Celebration: Damn! Talk about best week ever!!! To celebrate the Seahawks Super Bowl victory, the city held an kick-ass parade in their honor. Working at Fisher Plaza has its many perks, but to be at the start of the parade has got to be one of the coolest experiences ever. I had many friends come downtown and I struggled to decide where I should stake out for the parade. I’m short, so I knew that no matter where I ended up, I probably wouldn’t be able to see much. So I decided to join my co-workers on the 4th floor balcony, and I’m so glad I did! We had the most amazing view of the parade with the Space Needle in the background. There was pretty much no hope in actually working today – Seattle was buzzing and it felt like a National Holiday for us. The parade was wonderful – Lynch throwing out Skittles to everyone, Pete Carroll waving up at us, seeing the shiny Heisman Trophy with my own eyes (not to be confused with the Heisman balloons pictured above). There were thousands upon thousands of people; I can’t even imagine actually being in the parade! Seahawks deserved it – they brought so much happiness to their city!!

Check out the video I took of us starting the “Sea! Hawk!” cheer from the balcony! So cool!!

Rejoice Your Heart Out

Super Bowl champs

Event: Super Bowl XLVIII

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-DOMINATION: We did it!!! SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE SUPER BOWL XLVIII CHAMPS!!! What an amazing day!!! The game was spectacular, our Super Bowl party was a total blast, and the celebration was UNFORGETTABLE!!! I am on cloud 9 right now!!! What an amazing experience for our city! We had a ton of friends get together at a friend’s house and we had a ton of food, snacks, beer, cake pops – it was like Heaven. After the game we couldn’t NOT go out and celebrate, so we decided to hit up a bar nearby and it was so hilarious! The moment we walked into the bar, everyone just started shouting – the win just made us all so happy that you could just shout “Go Hawks” and everyone around you would start whooping and hollering. The bar was packed with happy Hawks – but some of us wanted to get even more involved. A few of us decided to head downtown to be in the thick of it. This is the first time we’ve ever won a Super Bowl, and we are here, in Seattle – essentially, we are a part of history, so we had to live it up the best way we could! So we drove downtown and along I-5, the most inconvenient thing happened. My tire blew out!!! It was pretty terrifying considering my car started shaking and smelling of burnt rubber. Luckily, I was able to exit and pull over. Even more lucky, I had two guy friends with me who put on my spare tire within 10 minutes. My heros! (Thanks, Dan and Jared!!) Honestly, this was the best time for me to get a flat tire (I mean, I’d rather never have one), but everyone was in such a good mood that we laughed it off and didn’t worry about it for a second! We made it downtown, walked to Pike Place Market, and it was absolutely surreal. There was an unofficial parade with cars honking their horns, people piling on top of them, screaming, drinking in the middle of the street. It. Was. AWESOME! We met up with some friends and just soaked it all in. This was truly one of the best days and nights Seattle has ever experienced. GO HAWKS!!!

Pudding Shotz Your Heart Out

Pudding Shots

Recipe: Pudding Shotz

Location: Your Kitchen

After-Taste: Screw jello shots – it’s all about pudding shotz now!! (requirement to be spelled with a z. It’s a thing.) They are the perfect addition to any tailgate or party! I attended the Seahawk playoff game (GO HAWKS!) and I had to bring something to all the tailgates I was going to hit up. There are a couple of bars I know that serve pudding shotz and I’ve always loved them (Leny’s and Kate’s Pub) so I decided to make them in my own kitchen. It requires: pudding mix, whipped cream, milk, and alcohol. Yup, it’s that simple. I decided to go with pistachio and I even chopped up some pistachio nuts to put on top of each shot…you know, to class it up a bit. I made about 50 and they were SO perfect for the tailgates! Seahawk tailgates are the best and I was on cloud 9 the entire morning. My friends were super excited to try the shotz and they were definitely satisfied. Not only are they tasty, but they have just the right amount of alcohol to loosen you up. There were so many people downtown so I was worried about how I was going to go to the bathroom – the closest one was in Krispy Kreme and they required a passcode to use it, plus there was a super long line. Welp, pudding shotz to the rescue! There was an RV next to our tailgate, so I offered a few shotz to them in order to use their restroom and they happily offered it up. Ahhh, I love Seahawk fans. They liked them so much that they kept coming back to get more. WIN! They’re a great bartering tool. :) So forget your diet that you’re on, and make some pudding shotz for your next get-together. They’re a unique party favor that are impossible to not like!

Link: Pudding Shot Recipe

Party Bus Your Heart Out

Party Bus

Experience: Party Bus

Location: Seattle

After-Ride: I’ve always heard of party buses and the craziness that ensues while on them….well it was finally time to create my own craziness on a party bus! My good friend was celebrating his birthday and the plan was to have a gathering at a friend’s house with food and drinks and then take the party bus to Cinebarre to see Anchorman 2. So many wonderful things in that last sentence… We all got a little ‘happy’ at the house, so getting on the bus was certainly going to be a fun adventure. Drinks were flowing on the bus, neon lights were flashing, and music was blaring! Screw normal cars. This was the way to go! It was a blast being surrounded by friends and dancing while on the way to a fun movie! There were two stripper poles and a couple of my friends got the guts to try some moves on them. There were too many people on the bus that I didn’t know, so I wasn’t quite ready to make a fool of myself in front of them. When we showed up at the theater, it honestly felt pretty bad-ass to spill out of the bus with music in front of a bunch of theater-goers. Felt like we were in our own movie! The movie experience was great (because Cinebarre serves alcohol and food during the movie) so once the movie was over, we got back into the bus and continued the party! With all the people on the bus, we each paid about $20 for the bus experience. I think that’s a pretty good deal for a kick-ass night! I’m definitely going to think about hiring a bus for my birthday!

Link: Party Bus Rentals

Ugly Sweater Party Your Heart Out

Ugly Sweater

Event: Ugly Sweater Party

After-Party: You know I mentioned in the post below (Meat Ball Your Heart Out) that Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are the most common kind of holiday party – well, here’s a perfect example of one! My friend Lillian throws an Ugly Sweater party every year, and they’re the best parties ever! Most of these parties involve friends and booze. But Lillian goes all out. She has a whole station just for bedazzling your sweater and making it even more ugly. She has a station where we write a Mad Lib to Santa and nominate someone for ugliest sweater. There’s of course food and booze, and lots of holiday music. The highlight of the party every year is the front room she empties out – sets up a Christmas tree, a bunch of props, and a camera tri-pod. She has the camera set on a self-timer, so during the whole night, people will go into the room and take a bunch of action shots. We get super clever and come up with fun dances, jumps, or action-sequences. The camera ends up with thousands of pictures (I’m not kidding) that Lil’ edits into an adorable video. At the end of the night, we all get together and she announces who wins the Ugly Sweater Contest – and this year I managed to come out with the W! I’ve had this ugly sweater for a few years now, and it’s so classic that I like to wear it each year. The front is just decked out with holiday decorations – there are bells, bows, a sled, Santa, elves, you name it. Ahhh, it really is the most wonderful time of year. So get to planning your next Ugly Sweater Party! Can’t go a year without one!!

Ugly Sweater 2

Meat Ball Your Heart Out

Meat Ball

Event: Meat Ball

Location: Your House?

After-Party: How many Ugly Christmas Sweater parties do you get invited to or hear about every year? Probably a lot. They’re definitely the most common kind of holiday party, but here’s an idea that’s super clever and super fun. My friend Jessica throws a party every year at her house called the Meat Ball. It’s a brilliant idea where everyone dresses up in fancy dresses, the men all come in suits, and we’re all required to bring one dish containing meat. Get it? Meatball = Meat Ball. Of course there’s always a large dish of delicious meatballs – my favorite though, is when one person always brings bags of Dick’s burgers. If you ever want a cheap item to bring to a party – pick up some Dick’s cheeseburgers. It’s cheap, easy, and the people go NUTS over them! [aaaand I just made myself laugh…People go NUTS over the DICK’S….I may be 5 years old..] Anyway, do you know how fun it is to dress up all fancy and then stuff your face with a bunch of meat?? ……wait, that came out wrong. You get what I mean. This year, people brought homemade banh mi sandwiches, lasagna, bacon, meatballs, Dick’s Cheeseburgers, and lots of alcohol (including bacon-flavored vodka). I made the most delicious appetizer I’ve ever made. It’s pretty much the easiest thing in the world to make, too. People loved them – and they’re good hot or cold! All you need are club crackers, Parmesan cheese, and bacon. Check out the recipe below – I used this link and it was super helpful with all the pics and descriptions. When the bacon cooks, they literally hug the crackers and the juices seep into the crackers. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. GREAT idea for an app to bring – that’s also easy on the wallet! Oh, and obviously, this kind of party isn’t really suited for vegetarians. :( Hopefully they wouldn’t start any beef with you for not being invited….. [seriously……5 years old.]

Link: Bacon-Wrapped Crackers

Celebrate Your Heart Out

Arctic Club

Venue: Arctic Club, Hilton Hotel

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-Party: Another congrats to a beautiful couple!! My friends Matt and Michelle got married at the Arctic Club in Seattle, and it’s another wonderful recommendation of mine for a wedding venue. It’s located in the swanky Hilton Hotel downtown, and you can’t help but feel opulent while you’re there. We had a cocktail hour that was tasty, but then you walk up the stairs and into the ceremony room, it’s hard not to lose your breath. Look up and you will see the most beautiful ceiling and chandelier you’ve ever seen. Anyone would be lucky to be married under that much beauty! It’s a large dome room that holds a significant amount of people. It’s so beautiful in there that I’m sure if I wore a brown paper bag for a dress, I’d still look pretty. The room just sort of puts a filter on your eyes, I swear. The food they provided was fantastic and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to. You know a wedding is great when the dance floor is overflowing with people! And it wasn’t because the dance floor was too small, it’s because there was not a single person sitting down! I really hope more of my friends decide to get married here because I really want to party there again. [wink wink, nudge nudge]

Link: Arctic Club