Suit Your Heart Out


What: Suitjamas:Coolest Pajamas in Existence


After-Sleep: Here’s a great gift idea!! And yes, it could be the perfect gift for yourself. Doesn’t get much cooler than Barney Stinson’s (“How I Met Your Mother”) SUITJAMAS! My friend Aaron has had these for a while now and at the last Wine Weekend, he slept in them and I was insanely jealous. Well, lucky for me, apparently he got a little too into crossfit this year, bulked up, and now he can’t fit into the Suitjamas! So he offered to let me wear them for the night. Oh my God, he actually offered to let me wear the sweetest outfit I’d ever seen. Do you know how much of an honor that was for me?? I felt like I was being knighted. Yeah, so they’re made for men. Whatevs. They look alright on me, right?? Meh, I don’t really care how I looked. I felt like the shit. The suit comes with a button up shirt, pants, a jacket (complete with shoulder pads) and a tie. All, of course, in soft satin. I never sleep with long pants or long tops, so this was going to be an interesting night in these Suitjamas. I have to be honest and say that I slept extremely well! The fabric is so soft, it doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing much at all. The night was comfortable and I woke up a full-on badass. This evening was definitely legen——-wait for it——-DARY!!! [Had to]

Link: Suitjamas

Trunk Show Your Heart Out

Stella and Dot

Event: Stella & Dot Trunk Show

Location: Your Home!

After-Party: If you don’t like getting together with your girlfriends and trying on jewelry, then this post is not for you. But I have a feeling 99% of you love jewelry…so here is a fantastic way to get adorable jewlery, all while hanging out with your friends and drinking wine! I threw a Stella & Dot “Trunk Show” at my place through my friend Jenna, who is a S&D rep. She made it super easy by handling all of the invitations and brought a bunch of jewelry to try on. My girlfriends all came over and we chatted, ate some appetizers, drank wine, and updated our jewelry wardrobe! Stella & Dot is a little more on the pricey side, but it is high quality and always up-to-date with the fashion trends. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get each time I wear a Stella & Dot piece! The best part is if you host a show, you get free credits depending on how much jewelry your friends buy! I made sure my friends didn’t feel any pressure to get anything because I know how those tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef, etc. parties go. But the jewelry is so cute that almost all of my friends got something…which meant mega credits for me! It’s a great idea for gifts; or great way to treat yourself (there’s nothing better than retail therapy). If you want to plan a trunk show, I’m sure you know of a rep, or you can always contact my friend Jenna! Shop away!!

(I just looked at the new jewelry that just came out…I shouldn’t have done that. SO much cute stuff!)

Link: Stella & Dot – Jenna Schleef

glassybaby Your Heart Out

Glassy Baby

Store: glassybaby – U-Village

Location: Seattle

After-Glow: If you want the perfect gift, a glassybaby may be it! I always thought they were silly. “They’re just candles that all look exactly the same, just different colors.” Au contraire. It was my first time visiting the store, and I was proven incorrect. Every candle is handmade, they all have different hues and names, and the proceeds go to different charities. No two candles are exactly the same. Each candle runs about $50 (remember, a portion goes to a charity!), but they make perfect gifts. They provide a tea light, a card about the candle, and a fancy bow. I love that they have an area with tea lights to test out each glassybaby. I ended up getting the “Friendship” glassybaby for my friend’s birthday and she loved it. My glassybaby addiction may have just begun…

Link: glassybaby