Doner Your Heart Out

Gyro Sandwich

Restaurant: The Berliner Doner Kebab

Location: South Lake Union

After-Taste: The Berliner, I’d like to welcome you to my list: “Mo’s Favorite Sandwiches Ever”. This is a huge deal, you guys. Before I met this sandwich, I only had two sandwiches on my list. Now I have three. Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of sandwiches that I really, really love. But to make my Favorites list, they’ve got to be out of this world. The kind of sandwich where I say, “Oh My God” after every single bite. The kind of sandwich that I tell all of my friends to go immediately try…Hell, I’ll even tell the strangers I walk past on my route back to head straight to the Berliner. My picture doesn’t do it justice, but, it’s huge. Enjoy this delicacy for lunch AND for dinner! I ordered The Berliner with lamb and beef on flatbread. It comes decorated with garlic yogurt sauce, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickled red cabbage, and cilantro. Oh man, the sauce is to die for. And the bread is so fresh and soft. And knowing that you’re only paying a little over $7 for this baby? Happiness to my taste-buds and my wallet! It’s great because you can choose so many different options – meats, breads, sauces, and veggies. The Berliner is a very small place and super popular (rightfully so), so I’d recommend getting a Doner and then post up in Denny Park to enjoy the scenery. I can’t wait to eat this heavenly sandwich again.

Mo’s Favorite Sandwiches:
1. Rajun Cajun – Other Coast Cafe
2. Caribbean Roast – Paseo
3. The Berliner – The Berliner Doner Kebab

Homegrown Your Heart Out


Restaurant: Homegrown

Location: South Lake Union

After-Taste: I love going down to South Lake Union for lunch. It’s always bustling and there are SO many restaurants to choose from. My friend Jen suggested Homegrown for today’s lunch – I checked out the menu, saw “Beecher’s Cheese Sandwich” and was immediately sold. There aren’t many tables in the restaurant, so if you show up after noon, expect to get your food to go. This eatery prides themselves on it being sustainable, organic, and all-natural. So I felt really good about stuffing my face with a ton of cheese – IT’S HEALTHY! That’s what I kept telling myself at least… The food being so fresh and homemade, it made the price a little more on the spendy side. But it was worth every dollar, I’d say. I ordered the Ham + Beecher’s Cheese Sandwich…not only was there ham and cheese, there was also carmelized onions, greens, and a sage aioli sauce. Ummmm, can you say, “YUM”?? It was perfectly toasted and super filling (I got a small sandwich and I was perfectly satisfied). Sandwiches are 10 times better when the bread is freshly made in-house. This bread was fantastic! Homegrown was also great because as you’re waiting for your food, someone is going around with samples of other creations. Yogurt, granola, and cranberries for an app? Heck yes! Can’t wait to come back here for lunch!

Link: Homegrown

Devour Your Heart Out

Portage Bay

Restaurant: Portage Bay Cafe

Location: South Lake Union (they have multiple locations)

After-Taste: Happy Election Day!! I nominate YOU to head to Portage Bay for your next lunch! I’ve worked with Portage Bay catering many times for various events and they are top-notch. Everything they serve is fresh, local, and seasonal. I love me a Big Mac, but if you want food that tastes good and is good for you, Portage Bay masters this. C’mon, their slogan is, “Eat Like You Give a Damn!” They have a great location in South Lake Union that is open and spacious, always has a table, and is buzzing with Amazon employees. I usually get the Reuben because you can’t ever go wrong with a Reuben sandwich. Today, I switched it up and tried this masterpiece of a sandwich. The Pork Sandwich. Does anything else really need to be said? Just look at that picture for about 10 seconds. Drooling yet? Be prepared to use your napkin, and if you finish the whole thing, I applaud you. Portage Bay is known for their breakfast/brunch, however. Please put a visit on your calendar! What’s so popular about the breakfast is the “Toppings Bar.” It’s a table FULL of fresh, seasonal fruit and various toppings for your waffles, pancakes, etc. I always admire the giant bowl of hand-whipped cream when I walk in. Best part is breakfast is served all day – so want some pancakes at 2 pm? This is your go-to spot! Enjoy! And since it’s election day, I feel I must say, “I’m Mo, and I approve this message.”

Link: Portage Bay Cafe

Mangiare Your Heart Out

Cafe Bengodi

Restaurant: Cafe Bengodi

Location: Downtown Seattle

After-Taste: Ok, so let me begin with the fact that I know the picture above doesn’t look super appetizing. It looks like ingredients were just sort of slurped (is that a word? Well, it is now..) together into a mush. And yes, maybe it was. But oh my goodness, that mush was SO delicious! Cafe Bengodi is deemed “Seattle’s Little Italy” and it’s a super popular restaurant in Pioneer Square. My friend Charmin and I walked here after the Hawks game (GO HAWKS) and waited about 10 minutes for a table. It was 10 minutes of staring at everyone’s dishes and trying not to drool. When I saw the menu, I knew exactly what I was going to order. “The Andrea.” Ahh, it was beautiful. Plus, November 3rd is National Sandwich Day – match made in Heaven! The salad was fabulous and the homemade chips were topped with cheeeese. They were talkin’ my language. Then I admired the sandwich. It had broccoli, sausage, tomato sauce, and cheeeeese. So pretty much, it made perfect sense why it’s called “The Andrea.” It’s all of my favorite things! I couldn’t finish that monster of a sandwich, so my lunch the next day was making everyone jealous. My tummy was very, VERY happy.

Link: Cafe Bengodi

Rage Your Heart Out

021 Rajun

Restaurant: Other Coast Cafe

Location: Ballard & Capitol Hill

After-Taste: In my humble opinion, I think there are two sandwiches that could be deemed the “Best Sandwich in Seattle.” One is Paseo’s Caribbean Roast (previous post) and the other is the infamous Rajun Cajun at Other Coast Cafe. I think most people would lean toward Paseo, but I’m gonna have to give the top honor to The Rajun. The name is trademarked, for goodness sake! Ready for it? Cajun turkey, pepper jack cheese, tomato, onion, and spicy salsa mayo. I’m not usually a turkey fan, but the flavor of this turkey is out of this world. There’s a kick to this sandwich and the sauces that you end up licking off your fingers are IN-CRED-I-BLE! The bread is perfectly baked and the cheese is perfectly melted. If the Rajun was my ‘last meal,’ I would be a happy girl. [currently saving picture above as my desktop wallpaper…]

Link: Other Coast Cafe

Pig Out Your Heart Out

011 Paseo

Restaurant: Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

Location: Fremont (also located in Golden Gardens)

After-Taste: Happy, Happy, Happy. This is how I feel when I know I’m getting Paseo. It’s also how I feel while I’m eating it. And of course, how I feel once I’m done. Paseo is legendary in Seattle, and for good reason. It’s so legendary, it doesn’t even need a sign (just look for the pink building with the super long line). When I came here, I waited for 30 minutes to order. But knowing what you’re about to eat, makes everything right in the world. The most popular sandwich is the Caribbean Roast. Pork, aioli, pickled jalapenos, lettuce and caramelized onions – aka “Heaven Between Two Slices of Bread.” The sandwich is huge and probably the messiest thing you will ever eat. Grab extra napkins, you will use them all. And don’t forget a hair tie if you have long hair – once you pick the sandwich up, it’s pretty much taboo to put it back down. The flavors together are so amazing; every bite was followed by a, “mmmm, oh my God.” Yeah, it’s that good. All of the ingredients are so fresh and go together perfectly. I always want to take a nap after I eat the sandwich because it is so rich and filling. Wear stretchy pants, bring cash, and don’t show up on Sunday or Monday – you will cry when you realize it’s not open on those days. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. But get ready to have one of the (if not THE) best sandwiches of your life.

Link: Paseo